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Cleanliness and hygiene are essential in the hospitality and food service industry. With its experience in the field, D-Grease offers a professional and comprehensive cleaning solution, specializing in Commercial Restaurant Patio and Sidewalk Cleaning. Catering to Restaurants, Hotels, Schools, Hospitals, and Senior Living Centers, we take pride in our advanced power washing services that ensure the highest quality results.

Advanced Power Washing Techniques

Our advanced power washing tools provide a deep and thorough clean. We use eco-friendly detergents and carefully controlled pressure to ensure surfaces are cleaned without damage.

Who We Serve

Commercial Restaurants

D-Grease employs specialized techniques and top-notch power washing tools to bring out the beauty and hygiene of your restaurant’s outdoor spaces. Our staff is trained to eliminate grime, grease, and stubborn stains, making your patio and sidewalk look brand new.


We understand that the appearance of a hotel’s exterior reflects its brand image. Our team employs precision and care to clean and restore patios and sidewalks, ensuring guests are enjoying a pristine environment.


Our cleaning process ensures that the patios and sidewalks in schools are spotless and free from harmful chemicals.


At D-Grease, we utilize specialized cleaning techniques that comply with your health and safety regulations, ensuring that the outdoor spaces of hospitals are sanitary and safe.

Senior Living Centers

We give special attention to the needs of Senior Living Centers, ensuring that the patios and sidewalks are clean, slip-resistant, and safe for older people.

Extensive Experience

With years of experience in the field, D-Grease has become a trusted name in commercial outdoor cleaning. Our vast knowledge allows us to cater to the unique needs of different commercial kitchens, ensuring customer satisfaction.

Commercial Powerwashing Frequently Asked Questions

We use eco-friendly and biodegradable cleaning solutions that are effective yet gentle on the surfaces.

The frequency depends on usage and environmental factors. Generally, quarterly cleaning is recommended.

We provide customizable service contracts to meet your specific needs.

Our advanced power washing tools, extensive experience, attention to detail, and customer-oriented approach make us stand out.

Our trained staff carefully assesses the surface and adjusts the pressure accordingly, ensuring no damage to the surface.

The cleaning time varies depending on the size and condition of the patio and sidewalks, typically ranging from a few hours to a full day.

Yes, we offer flexible scheduling to suit your convenience.

You can contact us for availability, and we’ll do our best to accommodate your preferred schedule.

We adhere to all relevant local and national codes and standards.

Why Choose D-Grease?

D-Grease’s Commercial Restaurant Patio and Sidewalk Cleaning service is the ideal cleaning solution for maintaining the hygiene and aesthetic appeal of your establishment’s outdoor areas. Our experience, dedication, and attention to detail set us apart in the industry. Contact us today to see the difference that D-Grease can make in your commercial space.

Attention to Detail

Our team’s attention to detail ensures that every nook and cranny is reached, providing a consistent and spotless result. We customize our approach for each client, understanding their specific requirements and expectations.

Customer Testimonials

Customers across Ohio consistently praise D-Grease for their professionalism, punctuality, and customer satisfaction. These testimonials reflect the trust and satisfaction that clients feel when choosing D-Grease for their kitchen exhaust fan cleaning and repair needs.

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