D-Grease Kitchen Cleaning Services

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Our Services

At D-Grease, our professionals are trained to provide a top-to-bottom cleaning solution, ensuring that no surface goes untouched.

Complete Commerical Kitchen Cleaning

 D-Grease Commercial Kitchen Cleaning Service ensures that your kitchen remains spotless and functional from top to bottom.  We can expertly Clean your Ceiling, Walls, Floors, and all of your equipment,

Commerical Kitchen Hood Cleaning & Repair

At D-Grease, we provide unmatched Kitchen Hood Cleaning Services.  Our specialized services ensure your kitchen meets your local health
and safety standards while maximizing operational efficiency.

Commerical Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning & Repair

In commercial kitchens, maintaining a clean and functional exhaust system is not merely an issue of cleanliness; it is a matter of safety, efficiency, and compliance. 

Commerical Kitchen Grease Duct Cleaning & Repair

D-Grease offers professional Kitchen Grease Duct Cleaning Services.  This service will keep your kitchen running smoothly and meet all local codes.

Commerical Kitchen Flue Cleaning

D-Grease offers Professional Kitchen Grease Flue Cleaning Services.  This service helps to keep your kitchen run smoothly and meet all local codes.

Commerical Dumpster Area Pressure Washing & Cleaning

D-Grease now offers high quality Kitchen Dumpster Pad Cleaning and Degreasing for their customers.   Helping to keep your entire operation clean and sanitary.

Commercial Restaurant Patio & Sidewalk Cleaning

D-Grease offers professional Restaurant Patio and Sidewalk Cleaning and Degreasing.  Keeping your outside dining area  and sidewalks clean and inviting for your patrons.